At first, I had a very specific need: I wanted to reach out to- but more desperately to hear from- other ladies who are also coach’s wives. BUT… apparently I’m a blog snob. I checked out a dozen different blogs geared toward people like me, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

No sense in pining what could’ve been. So, I started my own. With the intention of drawing in other coach’s wives for laughs, feedback, insight, and just that sporadic, refreshing sense of being understood.

Cue “Cheers” theme song.

Surely there are others out there like me- wife of a coach or not- working our rears off to have it all together, most often with disastrous yet entertaining results. Ungracefully balancing work and family and wife-hood and all that goes in to supporting your coach from behind-the-scenes and your children in a sometimes public eye.

So, this is my all call. Any participation is appreciated, coaching families or not. My life (purposefully so) revolves mostly around my family. We’re right in the eye of the storm raising three little ones who will hopefully and prayerfully love the Lord as much as we do.

Come back to visit- we’ll survive another season and live to laugh about it!


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