If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! If Daddy ain’t happy…

…ain’t nobody care.

A news push I received on my phone once. Maybe I'm having a bad day, but it's not nearly this bad!

A news push I received on my phone once. Maybe I’m having a bad day, but it’s not nearly this bad!

Y’all, I am not having a great week. You name it, I’ve experienced it and, thankfully, lived to tell about it.

This evening, while I was sitting on the side of the road in my idling car– just yards from the building where I was going to make my final pick-up and head home with the boys– I had a few moments to reflect on my week. After all, that nice officer behind me was still deciding whether to return to my driver’s side window with a verdict of warning or citation. While I waited, I contemplated whether or not I wanted to just let it all go with a guttural “screw it” and succumb to the meltdown that was, by now, simmering barely below the surface of my sanity.

Well, what I really wanted to do was find the next person gutsy enough to say, “But it’s just teaching…” when I try to explain the intricacies of getting at-risk 13- and 14-year-olds to learn to read and then punch him or her in the throat.

And then youtube it.

Yeah, I might have a problem.

It’s silly, I know, but I was too embarrassed to let the officer return to my window and see me crying. I’m a closet crier. No way am I going to parade that business in front of the world! I’m way too much of an introvert to let that loose. So I had no choice but to summon the stoic look of my inner Queen Elizabeth and keep it all together.

And I did… long enough to remember something I’d learned a little earlier this summer. I think it applies here just fine… And thank you, Holy Spirit, for reminding me of what I already know. Thank you for knowing I needed the gentle push to call on it once more. What a difference a change in perspective makes!

{from June 2013}

I was reminded of the most refreshing idea tonight at our small group. (That’s our church’s version of “Sunday School.”)

About a third of the way into the video part of the Bible study we’re doing (Matt Chandler’s Philippians), I realized I wasn’t really invested much in what we were sitting down to learn. I just kinda showed up at the small group because it’s Wednesday and that’s what you do on Wednesdays. I was still feeling the aftershocks of a bad day and I didn’t come ready to hear a fresh word or to directly connect with the Almighty.

"To live is Christ & to die is gain"

“To live is Christ & to die is gain”

And then Chandler said something along these lines: Scripture says that we’re not under God’s wrath. When things don’t go the way we wanted them to or when something bad happens, it’s not God pointing down at us, shaking a wrathful finger in our face. Those times are a gift. They’re uncomfortable for a purpose– to remind us that this world, this life, is temporary.

How easily I lost sight of that today. I believe that the Bible is real and it is God-breathed. Therefore, I believe that Heaven is real. First-world problems plagued me today, and Biblically speaking I can look at them from a different point-of-view. They are gifts– to learn from, to laugh at, whatever. But regardless, they are temporary. This world is not my home. Technically speaking, I will spend waaaaaaay more time in Heaven than I ever will here on Earth.

I’m going to try to “keep my eye on the prize” as Philippians says. One day, I’m going to see my Christ face to face and hear the angels singing glory around God’s throne.

That’s the day I will live for.


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