Oops! I missed my turn!

Oops! I missed my turn!

One afternoon as I was getting ready to tackle a few chores around the house, I set up my then three-year-old with a mother-load of hot wheels on the floor of my bedroom. I thought smugly to myself, This is going to be great. #2 is finally down for his nap, and #1 could line these cars up all day long. I remember how my firstborn would park each car in this perfectly straight line. Funny, how even that early in life, Brennan’s little Type A brain was already driving him to be a perfectionist. He usually labored over this way longer than he should have, especially since his 10 month old baby brother had a radar for such important feats and would hone in on it like Godzilla taking over Tokyo.

I was running around trying to get as much done as I could while the peace lasted, popping in and out of the bedroom where Brennan was creating his parking garage. I remember I’d just scooped up a huge pile of clothes and headed out of the room when I heard him comment to himself, “Oops! I missed my turn!” Curious, I doubled back to peek around the doorframe, and I saw him with one special car pulled out of the lineup. He was bent over his little hot wheel, driving it in a wide arc, going back and forth over the same indented path in the carpet each time. And each time he reached the end to turn back, he called out, “Oops! I missed my turn!”

There are several truths I’ve learned about kids, mostly through the trials and errors of parenting. One is that kids learn through repetition. Another is that kids learn by imitating.

You know you have a poor sense of direction when…


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